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Conversation classes to improve your French language skills

For many students, speaking French is the hardest part. Yet, being able to hold a conversation in French is often the only thing student want to be able to. That’s why taking part in a small conversation group can help you become more fluent and more confident.

Conversation classes are very effective in improving your language skills. During the sessions, students speak with a native speaker who is an experienced teacher guiding students. You can learn from your teacher and from other learners. You practice your speaking and listening skills, improve your pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, and gain confidence in using the French language. In this classroom setting, you also receive feedback and guidance from a qualified teacher, who help you identify and correct any mistakes or areas that need improvement.

Conversation courses take place in the afternoon from 1.15 pm to 2.45 pm and consist of :

  • The lesson generally start with some quick vocabulary and grammar.
  • The teacher introduce the topic.
  • Students practice their speaking skills while taking part in discussions, role-plays, dialogues or a presentation with the kind guidance of the teacher who lead the session.
  • The course ends with a review of the new vocabulary and grammar.

To achieve fluency in French, we recommend you to combine conversation classes with a language immersion with a French family and which will expose you to French language and culture