French summer courses for teenagers

French summer courses for teenagers in Cannes on the French Riviera. For students between 12-14 and 15-17 years old.

French summer courses for teenagers in Cannes, on the French Riviera

Our Summer French courses for teenagers, tailored for junior and high school students, offer an engaging opportunity to enhance language skills while immersing themselves in the French language and culture, all while making new friends.

Catering to different abilities and ages, these courses are designed to foster language proficiency through a comprehensive approach covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Ideal for beginners up to GCSE (foundation tier and higher tier), IGCSE, A-level, Abitur, Matura, Maturita, International Baccalaureate level (HL, SL, and ab initio), and school-leaving certificates, this program encourages and supports students as they prepare for school leaving certificates and DELF-DALF exams.

The structure of the summer courses involves French lessons in the mornings, allowing ample time in the afternoons for activities, excursions, socializing, or relaxation. For students gearing up for school exams, there is an option to attend intensive courses in the afternoons, offered either five afternoons per week or a few afternoons per week, providing flexibility to meet individual learning needs.

Morning lessons for teenagers

In this course, teenagers are taught in ability groups and ages : 12 – 14 y.o and 15 – 17 y.o. We put emphasis on communication and self-confidence thanks to a lively, fun and friendly classroom environment. That way, students feel confortable to participate even if they are beginners.

Teaching is done in a student-centered atmosphere, with maximum 10 participants. Students are challenged and there is no fear of making mistakes. In this encouraging and challenging environment, students gain confidence and develop enthusiasm for learning French.

French class activities

The summer course for teenagers encourages active participation in a variety of learning activities aimed at developing their writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills. The topics are thoughtfully selected based on the students’ ages, abilities, and interests. The class activities include:

  • Grammar exercises
  • Vocabulary expansion through exercises
  • Phrase construction
  • Writing exercises focusing on communicative situations
  • Listening and understanding spoken French in diverse contexts
  • Engaging in conversations and class discussions to enhance oral fluency
  • Oral presentations
  • Reading and pronunciation exercises
  • Role-playing
  • Practical conversations
  • Drama activities
  • Poetry exploration
  • Song analysis and appreciation

These diverse activities not only provide a interactive approach to learning French but also make the classroom experience dynamic, engaging, and relevant to the students’ interests. By incorporating a range of methods, the course aims to cater to different learning styles and create an environment that fosters a comprehensive and enjoyable language learning experience for teenagers.

Optional afternoon lessons

1:1 Lessons
We offer one-to-one lessons, where students can benefit from private tutoring. During these courses, we focus on your child’s individual requirements, which can include exam preparation, conversation or any area of the language. More info

Intensive French courses
Our intensive French classes are small group designed to help students develop their written and spoken communicative skills. Students will receive 10 hours of intensive courses each week with a class size of maximum of 6 students. More info

A group of teenager students gather at the school break and make new friends during their French language stay in France

Practical Information about French summer courses for teenagers


Age: 12 – 17 y.o. Students are taught according to ages and abilities.

Levels: Beginner to B2 (information on levels)

Courses dates

Monday 10th of June to Friday 26th of July, 2024


1 to 7 weeks

Courses Schedule

  • Morning courses – 20 lessons/week : from 9 am to 12.15 pm
  • Intensive courses – 30 lessons/week : from 1.15 pm to 2.45 pm
  • Afternoon courses – 10 lessons/week : from 1.15 to 2.45 pm

Number of students / class

Maximum of 10

Study material

Teachers provide you with copies. The student must provide a notebook and a pen. A pocket dictionary would be useful.

First & last day of the language course

First day:
New students sit for a language test – except complete beginners. The results of the French test allow us to place students in an appropriate group.

Last day:
You will receive a certificate, attesting your participation in the French summer courses, the number of hours and your level. Children and teenagers have a performance (songs, drama, poetry, dialogue, etc.) in which they show what you have learnt.

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