A student’s typical day in Cannes


French language immersion courses on the French Riviera


Our French language program consists of morning and/or afternoon language classes. Afternoon classes end at 3 p.m allowing the rest of the day for leisure, recreational summer activities and for tourism. Taking part in an activity or excursion is the best opportunity to interact and activate the language.

study French with French Summer Classes

Ile de Lérins

*Young students have lunch at 12.30 pm with their parents or school friends at the school (lunch box) or at places around the school. We don’t have catering facilities to serve meals.

Half-day to study, half-day to explore the beautiful surrondings !


French Summer Classes is a summer program provided by Passeport pour les langues®. Our aim is to provide individuals, families and groups with quality French language holiday programs that are fun, educational, intellectually challenging and culturally rewarding. All the language programs offered in this website are carried out to provide an excellent and enjoyable educational experience. Learn French on the French Riviera with our French summer immersion courses.

Welcome on the French Riviera !

Welcome on the French Riviera !