A student’s typical day in French immersion courses

French immersion programs : Half-day to study, half-day to explore the beautiful surrondings !

Boat trip with university students attending a French language holiday course programme in France
Sightseeing in Cannes after classes

French language immersion courses on the French Riviera

Our French language program includes morning and/or afternoon language classes. Afternoon classes conclude either at 12:15 p.m. or 2:45 p.m., providing the remainder of the day for leisure, engaging in summer recreational activities, and exploring tourist attractions.

A student's typical daily timetable

9:00-12:15 Morning courses

12:15-13:15 Lunch break*

13:15-14:45 Afternoon courses

14:45-18:30 Activities and excursions

From 18:30- Evening activities

*Young students have lunch at 12.15 pm with their parents or school friends at the school (lunch box) or at places around the school. We don’t have catering facilities to serve meals.

What did our students say about our French immersion courses?

I first came as a student to Passeport pour les langues back in 2014. I enjoyed my time so much that I returned the following year. The teachers do a great job of maintaining an effective learning environment for students of any level. I made a lot of friends and, through the excursions the school provides, I was able to see parts of La Cote D’Azur I wouldn’t have otherwise. Whether you’re strictly looking to increase your proficiency in French, explore the genuinely beautiful Provence, meet some amazing people from around the world or any combination of the three, I would definitely recommend Passeport pour les Langues. I’ve been going every summer and haven’t regretted a second of it!

– Hadi from Canada

“I must say that I made some nice memories in the school. Learning French is just one of the many things that the place does offer. Its the chance to call another country, another world and culture, your home.
I loved it and I’m deeply greatful for all that it gave me”

– Ujwal from India

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