French language holidays in Cannes

Family French lessons in Cannes on the French Riviera – for children, teenagers & adults

Family French courses during your holidays in Cannes

FRENCH SUMMER CLASSES invites your family to experience a delightful summer language holiday in the charming south of France.

Nestled in the heart of the French Riviera, in Cannes, our program caters to children starting from age 6, teenagers, and adults, all eager to learn French.

With all students participating in French courses simultaneously and within the same facility, parents have the convenience of dropping off their children before the adult class, catching up with them during breaks, and picking them up after their French session.

Explore our French summer courses tailored for children, for teenagers and for adults.

Sightseeing around Cannes with families attending French language holiday courses

Sun, Fun & learn French!

After morning lessons, you may take part in the various activities such as sports, cultural, leisure and social events activities. Most popular activities are watersports, tennis, cooking, sailing, perfume-making, various social events (loto-bingo, picnic…), boat trip, excursions along the French Riviera and more.

The combination of quality French language classes and fun recreational activities offer our students an enjoyable way of learning French or refreshing their skills, while experiencing a wonderful family holiday on the Mediterranean Coast.

French family lessons


  • Homestay with a French family
  • Hotels & Holiday residences 
  • Private apartments

Choose your accommodation in Cannes.

Activities & Excursions

After morning French classes, families can enjoy a range of afternoon activities and excursions in Cannes and along the French Riviera.

Two teenagers learning French with family French summer courses

Experience a fun, educational French language holiday for all the family this summer!

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