You are currently viewing Master French in the Sun: Intensive Summer Classes in Cannes for Academic Excellence!

Master French in the Sun: Intensive Summer Classes in Cannes for Academic Excellence!

Ah, the allure of the French Riviera in summer – azure waters, beautiful beaches, and the sweet melody of the French language in the air. This summer, let the vibrant atmosphere of Cannes be the backdrop to your linguistic adventure. Welcome to our French Summer Classes – where learning meets leisure, and progress becomes a passport to success!

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Why Summer French Classes?

Picture this: small groups, personalized attention, and the opportunity to catapult your French skills forward at an unprecedented pace. Our intensive summer courses are not just a way to fill your holiday with productive endeavors but a shortcut to mastering French, especially if you’re gearing up for exams like GCSE, IGCSE, A-level, Abitur, Matura, Maturita, International Baccalaureate, or Delf/Dalf.


      • GCSE,

      • IGCSE,

      • A-level,

      • Abitur,

      • Matura,

      • Maturita,

      • International Baccalaureate,

      • or Delf/Dalf

    The Summer Advantage:

    1. Less Distractions: Summer provides the perfect setting for focused learning. With fewer distractions, you can immerse yourself in the language without the usual school-year hustle.

    2. Flexible Study Time: Harness the flexibility of summer to catch up and get ahead in your curriculum. No more rushing through lessons; instead, savor each topic at your own pace.

    3. Avoid School Overload: By dedicating your summer to French studies, you can lighten your academic load for the rest of the year, reducing stress and ensuring better retention of knowledge.

    4. No Pressure, All Progress: Summer classes are a stress-free environment where the emphasis is on learning and enjoyment. No looming exams or tight schedules – just you, the French language, and the beautiful backdrop of Cannes.


    Our Dynamic Curriculum:

    Are you aiming to ace your French class or gearing up for your school-leaving exam? Our curriculum is your key to success. Tailored to be dynamic and engaging, we cover a range of essential topics. From everyday conversations to complex language structures, our courses cater to all aspects of exams like AQA, Edexcel/Pearson, OCR (Oxford, Cambridge, and RSA examinations).

    Imagine enacting dialogues in charming French boutiques, discussing global issues, and delving into the richness of French culture. Our approach extends beyond linguistic fundamentals to encompass history, geography, literature, music, films, and customs/traditions. It’s more than just learning a language; it’s a journey into the French language and culture.

    A Summer of Learning and Leisure:

    In 2024, summer French school in Cannes runs from Monday, June 10th, to Friday, July 26th, offering unique lessons every week. Worried about missing out? Don’t be – you can join us any time between these dates without repeating lessons. With new sessions kicking off every Monday, flexibility is at the core of our program. Choose the date that suits you best and embark on your French language holiday programme adventure!

    Ready to take the plunge? Dive into the details of our intensive courses and secure your spot by registering online. Join us in Cannes for a summer of language mastery and unforgettable moments!

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