Terms & Conditions

ACCOUNTABILITY : FRENCH SUMMER CLASSES is an educational French summer programme provided by PASSEPORT POUR LES LANGUES®, an independant educational organization in France. Our company registration number (Numéro de SIRET) : 808 540 678 00022.

AIM OF OUR FRENCH SUMMER SCHOOL PROGRAM : Our aim is to provide individuals, families and groups with quality French language holiday programs that are fun, educational, intellectually challenging and culturally rewarding. FRENCH SUMMER CLASSES will see to it that all the language programmes offered in this website are carried out to provide an excellent and enjoyable educational experience.

AGREEMENT : The agreement between the Student and PASSEPORT POUR LES LANGUES – FRENCH SUMMER CLASSES is legally binding as soon as we have received and accepted the completed registration form together with the payment.

SUMMER COURSES DATES : From Monday 10th of June to Friday 26th of July, 2024.

CLASS SIZE : The maximum class size is 10 students.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS : In the summer, public holidays in France are July 14 and August 15. Classes are held normally on those days.

HOUSE RULES : Students are expected to behave in a polite and respectful manner in class, as well as with their host families and during school outings. Alcohol and drugs, use of lighted substances, graffiti and other damaging activities, and keeping of dangerous objects such as knives, etc.. are all prohibited. Smoking is forbidden in all school areas. Students must abide by these rules during their stay. If any students behaves in any way that causes damage, distress, danger or annoyance to others, we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to exclude him or her from the program at any time, and to send him/her home without escort. The return trip will be at the expense of the student or the student’s family, and we will have no liability whatsoever to give any refund or compensation, or cover any expenses incurred by the student. Singing, dancing, role playing and having a good time are all welcome activities.

UNDER 18 : We accept children from 6 y.o. Those children must be with an adult, taking French summer courses or not. For students from the age of 16 y.o, we provide homestays in French families. Parents should be aware that a disclaimer authorizing their child to go out without any adult supervision will have to be signed along with a responsability document.

PASSPORT & VISA : Students have the responsibility to ensure that they have all required valid travel documents, have received all recommended vaccinations and have fulfilled all other legal and regulatory requirements, which are conditions for the trip. Students residing outside the European Union may, in some cases, need to obtain a visa before coming to Europe. Please check what applies to you before travelling to France. When applying for a visa, you will have to enclose the confirmation of your registration to our program. We can also provide an invitation letter. If you cancel your programme because of a visa refusal, please send us a copy of the visa refusal letter issued by the Embassy or Consulate at least ten working days before your course is due to start. In that case, we will refund fees that you have paid except the 50€ registration which is an administrative fee. If you notify us later, you will be charged in line with our normal cancellation terms. Please note that it is your responsibility to apply for your visa in good time.

INSURANCE : Before coming to France, all students must have appropriate medical and travel insurance. The travel insurance policy must provide suitable cover for civil liability, accident, illness, repatriation, loss and theft of luggage or personal belongings, plane ticket change, cancellation insurance and any transportation inconveniences. Passeport pour les langues accepts no liability whatsoever for any death, personal injury, loss or damage of whatever kind. Also, note that valuables and all other personal effects are the student’s sole responsability at all times. 

SPECIFIC REQUESTS : In order to obtain a guarantee that specific requests will be met, for example, in relation to the courses, homestay, etc., students must communicate any specific requests and information we should know. In absence of communication, we have no liability if requests are not met.

REGISTRATION : Select the courses you want to join.

  1. Contact the school if you have a question, need an advise or more details.
  2. Fill in and submit the registration form.
  3. Shortly after we receive your registration form, we will send a detailed e-mail with a pro-forma invoice and information on how to confirm your booking.
  4. Once your booking is complete by the payment of the 230 Eur. deposit per student, we send you confirmation documents.

PAYMENT : At the time of registration, a 230€ deposit is required. Remaining fees must be paid at the latest four weeks before the start of your courses. If your registration takes place less than four weeks before the start of your courses, all fees are due immediately. Means of payment are : wire transfer, credit card and cheque in Euros. 

CHANGING YOUR COURSE : If you are not comfortable with your first choice course, you can speak with the Director. We have various levels and course type, so there should be no problem finding a course suited to your needs, interests and level. Changing group schedules is not possible as group classes take place at specific times. However, it is possible to arrange an one-on-one course.

CANCELLATION POLICY : After you have received your confirmation letter of attendance, according to the 97/7 CE European Directive, you can use your right to retract during seven days. Once a course has started, all fees are not refundable. If a student is absent during the course, days missed will not be refunded and missed days cannot be caught up. In the event of any type of cancellation from the student, the registration fee of 50 Euros is non-refundable.  Should you need to cancel your booking, notify us as soon as possible. The following cancellation charges apply :

    • Cancellations up to 6 weeks prior to the start of your program : Loss of the 50€ registration fee only
    • Cancellations between 6 weeks to 2 weeks before the start of your program : Loss of 50% of total cost
    • Cancellations between 2 weeks to the start of the program : Loss of 100% of the total cost.
  • If the course has to be modified or cancelled because of uncontrollable events, Coronavirus situation, force majeure, failure of public transport, official arrangements, strikes, unrests or other mandatory reasons outside of the control of the school, students will receive full refund. 
In case of COVID-related cancellations, you will get a full refund of your course fees. The administrative fee is non-refundable.
Covid-related means: if you aren’t able to come due to travel restrictions, if one of you has a positive test or sick with covid and provides a medical certificate.

COVID-19 SAFETY RULES : Students agree to follow rules and regulations defined by the French Government and the local Health authorities. More information here.

IN CASE OF DISPUTE : The laws of France shall apply to this agreement.