I've searched for a French programme one year ahead of time to make the best choice. I flew from Prague to Nice in July 2017. Perhaps someday when I have grey hair, shaky hands and live with many cats, I might forget many things, but I will never forget my time in Cannes learning French. Lessons are colourful and the teachers are wonderful. My host family was so welcoming and friendly. French summer classes programme is the perfect mix of education and fun. We went to many trips to Saint-Raphael/Frejus, went to Eze, attended potluck on the beach and enjoyed sailing. To sum up, if you want to have a good time and learn new things without even noticing it, try this place.

Ella, student at Charles University in Czech Republic

Adult French course and homestay program

Sophie came back yesterday and had really enjoyed the week with you - she spent several hours telling us all about it and showing us photos!
It had worked so well with Mme Corrine - they got on really well😊
She said how lovely it was to meet you and your colleagues and make new friends and improve her French at the same time ! Thank you for everything in making it such a good experience for her.

Father from Wales

Teenager French course and homestay program

I had an absolutely fantastic four weeks studying at this French Language School in Cannes! I went alone but from the moment I arrived to the moment that I left I was made to feel very welcome and never once felt lonely. The classes were stimulating, challenging, and fun and the teachers always made sure that every student benefited from each class as much as was possible. One of the things that I liked the best about the school was the way that it really brings together a group of people of completely different ages, backgrounds, and nationalities and is therefore a very valuable life experience as well as a holiday. Thank you to all of the staff at French Summer Classes! I would highly recommend this school to anyone considering it and I hope to go back next summer!

Elise, student at Bangor University, Wales

Intensive French course and homestay program

I attended for 2 weeks over the summer in 2016 and had the most incredible time. The school and teachers are fantastic and my french improved hugely in a short space of time. This was helped by staying with a lovely French family (who wouldn’t let me speak English!) I found it was ideal to be completely immersed in the language and would wholeheartedly recommend this. I would love to return soon.

Christopher from England

Intensive adult French course and homestay program

I was a little sceptical before coming to French summer school but as soon as I got here I was welcomed by a lovely teachers. This year I struggled with some of my French classes at home but thanks to this language programme I was able to study and revise and get more confidence in understanding and speaking. I am extremely happy that I was able to come here and I am sure that this experience will help me through my school-leaving certificate. It is a great place to meet new people, have fun and also study and improve at school and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Arno from Belgium

French course for a 15 y.o

Tarkan liked his teachers Benoit and Manel very much and the school was ideal for him: small setting, relatively small classes, friendly atmosphere and space to be and learn. We would like to thank you all, “merci beaucoup”, for making learning French such an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Tarkan and Mirjam, from London, U.K

French course for a 12 y.o

Thank you for making this summer a special one for my kids , please thank everybody in person who helped Aly and Zeina through out the two weeks, Emilie, Baptist, Fidel, Alima and Fidel. They really had a great time.

Rana from Egypt

Children French summer courses

Merci pour ces deux semaines et pour votre flexibilité et volonté de vraiment aider la progression de Petra et Dora!! Nous vous souhaitons un très bon été! Bien cordialement

Kinga, Zoltan, Petra et Dora, de Budapest, en Hongrie

Cours de français pour enfants

French summer courses for teenagers

I want to thank you for an amazing month in Cannes, my children loved their time at the language school. Because of his bad experience with his french teacher here in Delhi Meika hated the French language and anything to do with French, he really didn’t want to attend the language school and was very nervous but it didn’t take long for your teachers to show him that learning a language can be fun. He actually said to me one day ‘Mum, I can’t wait to go to school tomorrow’ which I honestly did not expect to ever hear from him. So thank you!! Jahlan and Aji both benefited from their time at the school also and I know their experience has helped them immensely in settling back in to the French school here in Delhi. I want to thank you also for being so willing to accommodate Jahlan and his desire for more challenging work. I was very impressed with your kindness and professionalism. Not only was their time in class valuable but equally the new friends they have made, the fun they had on the beach and exploring the surrounding places also made their month in Cannes a very enjoyable memory.

Tambri from Delhi, India

children & teenager courses

French Summer Classes

C’était une expérience géniale, qui a dépassé toutes mes attentes. Les leçons étaient très intéressantes et structurées. J’ai beaucoup apprécié mes professeurs et la manière de nous mettre au défi pour nous faire apprendre plus et progresser. Ma famille d’accueil était formidable et amicale. Merci encore une fois d’avoir tout organisé pour moi. Amicalement.

Astrid, de Diemen, Holland

cours adulte

Study at French Summer Classes

Jimmy had a very good time at the school and improved a lot. He is grateful to this French host family for all their kindness and hospitality. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.

James, father of a 17 y.o student from New York, USA

French summer courses for teenagers and homestay program

I was very satisfied with my experience. The teachers took into consideration what I wanted to learn and incorporated my learning needs into the class curriculum. Small class sizes provided good opportunity for discussion. The School’s Director listened to my concerns and made adjustments to accommodate my learning needs. My host family provided wonderful meals and excellent conversational opportunities. Overall, this was a great experience and I would strongly recommend the school!

Stephanie, French immersion teacher from Nova Scotia, Canada

French summer courses for adults and homestay program

Study French in Cannes

Nous sommes bien arrivées à la maison et avons passé un très agréable moment à Cannes et à l’école.
Tous les professeurs étaient bons et m’ont aidé à apprendre le français. Je les remercie et envisagent de continuer à apprendre plus de français. Zoe aussi a passé un bon moment et nous aimerions revenir l’été prochain.

Ava from Southwest Ranches, FL,USA

Family program : French courses and homestay for an adult and a children

French summer school in Cannes

I'm very thankful for your special attitude for me and my daughter. I was extremely pleased by staying at French Summer Classes and happy to have an opportunity to see you and to have new friends and knowledge there. Warmest regards and best wishes.

Iasia & Daria, St-Petersburg, Russia

French course for children

Merci beaucoup pour votre école. C’était une grande expérience pour nous. Plusieurs de mes amis sont intéressés d’y aller l’été prochain. Et nous espérons aussi revenir! Bien cordialement.

Marina, d’Iowa, U.S.A

Family program : French course for adults and children

Les classes étaient amusantes et intéressantes. Les professeurs étaient très joyeux et j’ai beaucoup apprécié les classes de conversation. Je reviendrai l’année prochaine à Cannes pour assister à ces cours d’été.

Sreevidya, du Royaume-Uni & Inde

Cours de français pour adolescents

French summer classes

My daughter and I really enjoyed the week – thank you to all the staff who made us feel so welcome. The programme was nicely varied and we both benefited a lot from the course.

Sally & Juliet from Farnham, U.K

Family program : French course for teenager and adult

I just want to thank you so much for all you have done for my 17 y.o daughter.
The program you offered her was really great. She loved the courses, the activities and the French family you chose for her.
We will definitely recommend your French summer program to our family and friends.

Rosemary, mother from New York, USA

French course for teenager and homestay program

It is my third summer at French Summer Classes in Cannes la Bocca. I enjoy studying there because my teacher, Manel, is really nice and fun : I learn new words, fun songs, play games in French and meet new friends. Ever since I’ve started attending this summer school, I’ve been learning a lot about the beautiful language of France and its culture. I’m glad I can travel there in the summer and see how things work outside of the U.S.A

Nathalie, 11 y.o from San Francisco, USA

French summer course for children

French summer classes

We had a delightful time in Cannes mixing family vacation with French language lessons for our children. The school was very easy to access from our vacation apartment rental in downtown Cannes and the proximity to the local provençal market and shopping was excellent. The school was casual but extremely well organized and managed. We very strongly recommend this to anyone considering such a trip and, with any luck, we’ll be able to repeat it !

Fabian & Luciana, from Woodbridge, ON, Canada

French summer courses for children

Je vous écris cette lettre parce ce que je voudrais vous remercier
pour mes 3 semaines incroyables à Cannes. Ma Famille française était très sympatique et aimable, et m’a pris comme un membre de la famille. Ils sont vraiment gentils, et j’espère que nous allons rester en contact. J’adore Greg, Dalila, et leurs enfants. Peut-être vais-je retourner l’année prochaine. Je vais en parler avec mes parents. L’école était très bonne, et j’ai aimé tous mes profs. Elles étaient fantastiques, et mes leçons étaient très bonnes et amusantes. Je suis arrivé hier soir, et la France me manque. Merci pour tout ce que avez fait. Je pense que je vais vous voir l’été prochain! Merci!! Avec tous mes meilleurs voeux !

Will, 16 y.o, from Westport, CT, USA

French summer courses for teenagers and homestay program

Last summer I went together with a friend to the South of France to learn some French. As we were both beginners we were very happy that the school offered courses for beginners. The meeting with our teacher was a great relief. She has the ability to lead a group with a warm firm hand, humor, love with a great patience and the pedagodic structure that only a well educated teacher can do. As a native with a great interest for culture she also gave us the advantage of taking part in the rich oppotunities of cultural events at the Cote d’Azur. I can warmly recommend this school and know that students surely will learn and enjoy the French language and culture.

Ingrid Roth, artist, from Östersund, Sweden (

French program : French courses for adults and a child

French Summer Classes wound up being the right choice for me. I found the school through the Internet and selected it because it seemed less showy and large than some of the other schools that came up in my search. My teachers were terrific and my French language skills improved markedly. Since I am an advanced speaker of French, the teachers provided me with the option of doing extra homework which they would correct on their own time. That was a big plus for my learning. Merci beaucoup to everyone at school!

Henri, from Santa Barbara, U.S.A

Intensive French course for an adult

I’m very happy to report on my time spent at French Summer Classes because I met wonderful people and significantly improved my French skills. I can’t say enough positive things. My teacher was excellent. She demonstrated a high level of professionalism and is naturally very friendly, helpful and comunicative with everyone. If you want to learn to speak French, don’t hesitate to try this French language school !

Giorgi from Tbilisi, Georgia

Intensive French summer courses for an adult

Pour tous ceux qui souhaitent apprendre le français, j’aimerai conseiller cette école. Mon fils et moi, nous avons longtemps cherché un cours de langue française, et avons finalement décidé d'aller à Cannes. Cette expérience a surpassé toutes nos attentes. Si vous voulez commencer à apprendre une langue ou d'améliorer votre connaissance du français dans une famille d'acceuil qui vous fait sentir à la maison, avec les enseignants de l'école qui deviendront vos meilleurs amis, qui non seulement vous introduiront à la grammaire française, mais aussi partageront avec vous leur vie, leur culture et les traditions du sud de la France, et où vous pourrez combiner les études avec les vacances merveilleuses, vous trouverez cet endroit à Cannes-la-Bocca. Encore un grand merci à tous mes chers amis Alima, Christine, Alicia, Francoise, Benoît, Fidel ... qui ont fait nos vacances à Cannes inoubliable!

Kira from Luxembourg

family French courses + homestay

I first came as a student to Passeport pour les langues back in 2014. I enjoyed my time so much that I returned the following year. The teachers do a great job of maintaining an effective learning environment for students of any level. I made a lot of friends and, through the excursions the school provides, I was able to see parts of La Cote D'Azur I wouldn't have otherwise. Whether you're strictly looking to increase your proficiency in French, explore the genuinely beautiful province, meet some amazing people from around the world or any combination of the three, I would definitely recommend Passeport pour les Langues. I've been going every summer and haven't regretted a second of it!

Hadi from Canada

Teenager & adult French courses

Grace adore ses cours de français - elle préfère même étudier avec vous plutôt que d'aller à la plage ou faire de la voile. Je constate qu'elle a fait de bons progrès.

Helen from London, England

Teenager French intensive courses

C'était parfait le temps sur la Côte d'Azur! Les profs super gentils, les activités passionnants et la meilleure famille d'accueil. Merci pour me faire parler français et me faire sentir plus confiante! Grâce à vous je fais maintenant mes études en France!!! Merci pout tout!

Maria de Russie

Teenager French summer courses and homestay

I must say that I made some nice memories in the school. Learning French is just one of the many things that the place does offer. Its the chance to call another country, another world and culture, your home. I loved it and I'm deeply grateful for all that it gave me.

Ujwal from India

Teenager French summer courses and homestay

I really enjoyed the way French was taught via spoken exercises, role-plays, games and dialogues. It's an approach I don't have in my school in Latvia. I also enjoyed very much to learn French songs and believe it has helped me pronunced words correctly. During my stay, I've savoured the opportunity to try new and unusual sports such as paddle and pirogue. Home-stay with with Mrs Sonia was wonderful. She was caring, thoughtful and helpful all the time.

Evelina from Latvia

Teenager French summer courses and homestay

Thank you for the wonderful photos and videos, wonderful pictures, overall professional and kind attention to my kids. They thoroughly enjoyed their French summer programme where they felt warm attitude and care.

Maria, from Moscow, Russia

Teenager French summer courses

Tout d’abord, il faut vous remercier pour tout ce que vous avec fait. Vous étiez toujours disponible pour nous aider. Depuis 10 ans, nous passons nos grandes vacances en France, toutefois, grâce à votre programme linguistique les vacances cette année étaient les meilleures. C’était une très bonne expérience, un mélange de choses – apprendre le français, rencontrer de nouvelles personnes et profiter de vacances sur La Côte d’Azur. L’école a convenu à toute la famille, nous avons fait beaucoup de progrès et les leçons nous ont encouragés à continuer à apprendre le français. Nous espérons revenir l’année prochaine. Je vous souhaite une agréable année. Jusqu’à l’année prochaine. Bien cordialement.

Fiona et sa famille, d'Irlande

Programme famille : cours de français pour adultes, adolescents et enfants

I just want to thank you for all your help to both me and Jonathan over the past two weeks. It was very re-assuring for me to know that I could turn to you if I needed anything.
Jonathan has gained so much confidence and knowledge from the language course – it’s unbelievable that so much can be achieved in such a short time. He’s really motivated to repeat this experience next year, or before, if that is possible. When you have the time, do let me know what courses you offer at other times in the year.

Kathy, from Scotland

Intensive French courses for adult

I really like my experience at French summer school in Cannes. One of the best part was that there were really nice people and everyone got along with each other very well and made new friends from different parts of the world. It was good that we did an excursions in Eze-sur-mer and picnic on the beach for the team building because probably this helped as well getting to know each other better. My teacher Manel was an extremely good teacher with all the patience and smile in the world, she really encouraged me to go on studying French.

Karin from Sweden

Intensive French courses for adult

I enjoyed the 4 week intensive class in Cannes. I will do it again and have recommended it to my friends and colleagues. I learned the fact that French is a thinking language. You must apply yourself to get most of it. All the staff is prepared and willing to give you the best experience possible!

Norma, from New York, USA

Intensive French courses for adult

Family French learning programme

Les filles sont très très contentes et aiment de plus en plus le français. Nous avons de très bons souvenirs de vous, de tous les professeurs et de l’école. Mes filles ont demandé si on peut revenir l’année prochaine!!! Alors, j'espère à bientôt !

Marie, du Luxembourg

Family French learning programme

We have come back with lovely memories from our week in Cannes, learnt a lot an enjoyed a wonderful family holiday. Hopefully we will come back next year!

Sarah from England

Family French learning programme - teenagers and adult courses

Many thanks for this class – it a was very inspiring experience. I took this class as a pre-beginner, without any understanding of French – not even one phrase. I had an amazing surprise, that after one month I became able to read simple text and understand conversations. It’s great! Our teacher Madina – is fantastic! Parfait très, très bien!

Lylia, from Moscow, Russia

French course for adult

I was pleased to read your kind words and reports about my daughter Marie. I thank all of teachers at your school for being so patient and helping her to improve French! She also had so much fun learning with you. Your lessons were very insightful and interactive ! I would like to sincerely thank you for such a fantastic host family. Marie-Brigitte, Michel and their amazing girls made Marie happy to stay with them and feel like at home ! Again, please accept my sincere thanks.

Tatiana, mother of of a 16 y.o student from Vyborg, Russia

French course and homestay program

My friends at school all said how unlucky I was to be going on the French summer school, but in the end, I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the morning French classes and fun sailing lessons in the afternoon. I met wonderful friends and can’t wait to come back next year !

Malgorzata, 9 y.o, from Warsaw, Poland

French course for beginner children

I had a great time at school and certainly learnt quite within a week and best of all was perhaps the experience of living it a little more like a local rather than a tourist. I really enjoyed my homestay experience. The French host family was so kind and thoughful.

Shareen, student at London School of Economics, U.K

Homestay French Summer School Programme

French Summer Classes

Madina and Christel were great! Very professional and skillful teachers. They were really able to combine interesting, challenging and stimulating lessons. Also, they complemented each other. Good administrator. Thank you for this positive French learning experience !

Helen, from Stockholm, Sweden

Intensive French course for adult

Study French in Cannes

Just a quick email to thank you for having Caoimhe and Tiarnan again this summer.
They really enjoyed their time at the school. In three years you must be very proud of how much Caoimhe has grown to love the French language and culture and how much her skills have improved. Thanks to your language school.
Tiarnan I feel for the first time has begun to like the language and I am delighted with his progress this year. Caoimhe and Tiarnan have made great friends at your school also.
Thank you also for organising a tutor. We look forward to returning to Cannes again next year.

Miriam, mother from Ireland

French course for teenagers & private lessons in Cannes

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for Adil’s trip to France and the intensive course. He thoroughly enjoyed the course and the stay with his French host family of whom he spoke very highly. We shall look to sending Adil in the future and will recommend the school to our family and friends. Warm regards.

Shahida, mother of of a 16 y.o student from London, UK

Intensive French course and homestay program

Just a quick note to say your tutor in Grasse was great; thanks for the referral. My niece was thrilled with her French classes. The teacher did a great job getting her to participate in the class with a warm, engaging style. She is definitely an asset to your school. Merci.

Noel, uncle of a 13 y.o student from Colorado, USA

Private French lessons in Grasse

French summer courses in Cannes

Greeting from Taiwan. Time is flying, and Christmas is coming soon. We would like to use this opportunity to thank you for everything you done for us. We had a great experience with your service. Also we are planning to come back next summer vacation. Thank you very much, and all the best!

Cindy & family from Tapei, Taiwan

Family program : French course for adults and children

Nous avons beaucoup aimé les cours, le séjour à la maison de Michèle, les activités à Cannes et les amis de l’école. Nous avons beaucoup appris et espérons revenir l’année prochaine.

Arnaud et Stephan, jumeau de 16 ans, de Belgique

cours de français et famille d’accueil

French summer courses Cannes

Merci pour me donner l’impulsion parfaite pour commencer à étudier la langue et la culture françaises ! J’essayerai de revenir l’année prochaine. A bientôt !

Artem, de Moscou - Russie

Cours intensifs et famille d'accueil

My girls (age 7 & 9) loved the school. They made so many friends right away and wanted to stay another week. The school did an excellent job of providing lots of after school opportunities as well as accommodating any other requests (babysitting).
Depending on next summers schedule, we are going to try to make this an annual trip.

Cristine from Chevy Chase, MD, USA

French course for children

We really enjoyed the classes at the school. This is the second year we have attended the school and will not be the last. The teaching is of really high level and the service we have received was second to none. Thank you so much!

Yonita & Lara, from London, U.K

Family program : children and adult course

French summer classes in Cannes

Just a quick note to confirm what you already know (Will had a fantastic experience in France on your program) and to thank you one more time for making this possible and arranging such a wonderful family for Will to stay with. This whole experience is sure to have a major, positive impact on Will’s life. We will recommend your program to others -and hope to come ourselves sometime in the future!

Father of a 16 y.o student, from Westport, CT, USA

French course for teenagers and home stay program

I found the two weeks in Cannes La Bocca very relaxing and enjoyable. The classes moved at a good pace and the professors were interesting and motivating. I realised whilst on the course that I need to spend more time learning the written French grammar and will hopefully continue to learn throughout the year. Our family would love to return next year, time permitting.

Laura’s family, from Corseaux, Switzerland

Family program : courses for adults, teenagers and children

Thank you for my very enjoyable week of private French courses in Mougins. It has helped me a lot feel more confident and fluent. I think that I’ve improved my French skills more than I could have done in a group course. Time well spent.

Vladimir from St-Petersburg, Russia

Private French lessons in Mougins

French summer classes

As an adult, I was looking for both a great holiday and a way to pratice my French. My teacher seemed to know exactly how to tailor the classes to my needs. The class was a perfect combination of classroom study and practical conversational French. She was a real delight that enjoys teaching and sharing her beautiful country with others. She worked as both a fantastic teacher as well as a tour guide. I enjoyed my time in the South of France and hope to come back. I would recommand this school for a wonderful learning experience.

John from Alexandria, USA

Intensive French summer courses for an adult

We are a family from Mexico. My two boys, 15 and 13 y.o, have attended French summer courses for two consecutive years during the summer. It is our great pleasure to recommend French Summer Classes. Our teacher is highly inteligent and has great analytical skills as she figured out the perfect way to get the boy’s attention and get them interested in the language. She also has great communication skills. Her oral articulateness is both clear and consice which made it so much easier for the boys to learn. I would have loved to have a teacher like her.

A mother of teenagers from Mexico

French summer courses for teenagers

Our family of 6 people have been spending holidays during two summers while attending French summer classes program. Our experiences were wonderful. We were taken care by the headteacher more as a friend from the beginning rather than foreign students. A family of 6 from Brunei – French family program :courses for adults and teenagers

A family from Brunei

Family program : teenager & adult courses


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