Levels of French

We offer courses for students of all levels of French

Learn French in France with a progressive method

Our course structure adheres to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages, providing a systematic approach to language proficiency. We focus on enhancing your listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills, along with fostering cultural knowledge.

Upon commencement of your program, our experienced teachers conduct an initial assessment of your French language proficiency. This evaluation continues throughout the course, ensuring that you receive tailored instruction at the appropriate level. If necessary, and with mutual agreement between you and your teachers, adjustments to your level can be made to optimize your learning experience. This flexibility ensures that you progress effectively and comfortably within the language learning journey.

A group of teenager students gather at the school break and make new friends during their French language stay in France
Students gather at the break and make new friends. Here is a group from India, the U.S.A, Italy and England.

Levels defined by the Common European Framework
of Reference for Languages:

Complete Beginners
A1 - Beginner : Students with almost no knowledge of French
A1/A2 – Elementary : students with little knowledge of French
B1 – Intermediate : students with good foundations in French
B2/C1 : Operational and advanced : students with a good or excellent knowledge of French

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