Levels of French

Our levels and progression are defined according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. We help you develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills as well as your cultural knowledge.

On the first day of your courses, our teachers assess your level, monitor it throughout your programme and make sure you receive tuition at the right level. We can change your level, when you an your teachers agree you are ready.

Complete Beginners : students with no knowledge of French
A1 – Beginner : students with almost no knowledge of French
A1/A2 – Elementary : students with little knowledge of French
B1 – Intermediate : students with good foundations in French
B2/C1 : Operational and advanced : students with a good or excellent knowledge of French

French summer courses


French Summer Classes is a summer program provided by Passeport pour les langues®. Our aim is to provide individuals, families and groups with quality French language holiday programs that are fun, educational, intellectually challenging and culturally rewarding. All the language programs offered in this website are carried out to provide an excellent and enjoyable educational experience. Learn French on the French Riviera with our French summer immersion courses.

Welcome on the French Riviera !

Welcome on the French Riviera !