At French Summer Classes, we know that studying French at when young can have significant benefits so we have been providing courses for children of beginner level and non-beginner level for many years. It’s a well-known fact that the younger someone is, the easier it is to absorb and memorize words, reproduce sounds and learn without much effort.

We also know that when children take French language courses, it can not only help them grow into being more creative, gifted at solving complex issues, and help them developing a better understanding at other cultures, help them appreciate how big the world is by giving them the best tools to learn and speak other languages which are today essential in a global environment.

Our young students don’t simply learn French in an academic manner but they make new friends from all over the world, have a fun time while learning French in a natural manner through a variety of activities kids enjoy participate in, and enjoy a memorable experience in the south of France that is both culturally and linguistically rewarding.

We have group juniors French courses in Cannes available during the summer school holiday months. For those wishing to study privately, we have one-on-one and online courses any time of the year with a flexible schedule.