Friendship is the best part of being a student.

We often describe our school as being like one big family. Just like a family, we feel sad when one of our students leaves, and we get excited when someone comes back to visit us. So imagine our delight when former students who have been visiting for the past ten years and come back to meet their friends here in Cannes and enjoy being part of our group. 
Friendship is definitely the best part of being a student, you make friends with people from all over the world, friends you will have for life. Many students agree to gather in our programme each year in order to see their friends and create wonderful memories.
Each year, we provide a programme of summer events, activities and excursions to facilitate relationships with students. Ranging from sightseeing excursions to walking tours, from picnic on the week to karaoké evenings and much more, our social programmes offer activities for everyone to get involved in.